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Errick's Productions

Erricks Venue  

Everything I expected, and more..

Discover the pinnacle of live production services at Errick's – your premier destination for exceptional performances, soon to be music recording, rehearsal space, and equipment rentals in Dunedin, New Zealand. From dynamic live shows to  recording facilities, Errick's is your comprehensive solution for musical excellence.


Our spaces are tailored for your creative process, while our equipment rentals ensure you have the tools you need. With Errick's, rest assured that every detail is curated to perfection, as we boast an in-house production manager dedicated to ensuring nothing but high-quality results. Immerse yourself in a world where passion meets precision, and bring your musical vision to life with Errick's live production offerings. Elevate your sound – explore Errick's today!

Want to play here?

You can rent our venue to play 


Join our list of musicians that would prefer a paid gig!

Errick's Productions

Errick's Productions is looked after by in house promotor and productions manager Ed Lobo. 

For all production enquiries, please contact

Live Gigs 

Errick's Venue is a purpose built music venue for both local performers and national/international touring artists. 

We give the option to acts to either rent our venue OR for us to promote their event

For more information, get in touch. 

In House Production 

Included in venue hire:


4x QSC K12.2 (dual pole mount to act as out-fill) 2x QSC KS112
1x Midas M32 & DL32 Stage Box
4x FMX12 Foldbacks
Mic stands, Microphones & DI Boxes Cable // Sub Snake Package
Venue Lighting Package
-8x Slimpar Pro H
-2x Lighting Stands
-3 moving heads
-2 crowd blinders

6m x 4m Stage - 400mm high


Errick's has full backline included in venue hire 


1 Orange dual terror 4x10 cab

1: Fender Delux 2x10

1: Fender Deville 2x10


1: Ampeg SVT pro with Fender 4x10 cab. 


Keys: One single stand and stool



1: 1980s 4 pc Tama Swingstar + HW



5 x Shure 58

4 X shure 57


Stands for all mics

5 Guitar/base stands

Music Studio Hire 

Coming soon - April 2024 

Rehersal Space 

Our space and professional equipment can be rented for the purpose of rehearsals. 

Practice in a live environment! 

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